Our Commitment

“We use Artificial Intelligence (AI) to create FFM, a reliable and continuously updated map of past and future forest changes in Borneo (Indonesia) to support actors in forest conservation”

The Problem


  • is a large driver of global warming
  • accounts for 7 to 14% of the global anthropocentric Co” emissions (Harris et al.,2012)
  • has irreversible consequences and needs to be avoided in advance


  • we lose ~27 soccer fields per minute (WWF, Oct. 2018).
  • NASA predicts that all rain-forests will be gone in 100 years.

Our Idea

We will harvest the information from the vast amount of satellite imagery using AI

Optical ImagesSAR Images
Taken from Sentinel Hub

Our algorithms will learn to see where and when deforestation will occur by modelling the direct drivers from satellite images

To detect areas at risk even before the first tree is cut down, we will model underlying drivers in a global scale from socio-economic data sources

See more details here about how we want to achieve our goal.




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